Shepherd, Brother, Friend.





Had a bit of a health scare today. Upon investigation and after making a few phones calls, I was advised to see a doctor immediately.


While driving to the doctor’s office I found myself stressed out, anxious and full of uncertainty.


At one point, I turned off the radio and started praying.


“Lord, it would be great if you healed me of whatever this is but if you don’t end up doing that would you just hold my hand through this? I can make it through if you are with me.”


And the funny thing– as I prayed those words in silence and total privacy while driving my car through winding country roads– I found myself amazed that I actually believed what I was saying to my Maker.


Ever had a thought like that? Or a moment where you caught yourself off guard by the honesty of your own words?


What looked like potential melanoma ended up being a nasty spider bite. It’ll be an ugly few days but I’ll be fine.


I’m thankful for today. While I don’t wish any illness upon myself, I am happy for the reminder that my Maker is my shepherd, brother, friend. My prophet, priest and King.


I don’t usually share so bluntly here about my faith. But there you have it.


Truth bares out its weight and glory over time and Jesus, as it turns out– is everything.


I am His. I could be sick or healthy. Rich or poor. I am always His.

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    And He is good regardless of whether our circumstances are right or terrible.

    yes He is. I’ve had this word– Providence– on my mind since my daughter was born. This idea that not only is God sovereign over all things but that He is GOOD as well.

    I am trying to figure out a way to burn that word into the top of my guitar. Too chicken to get a tattoo.

    Amen. Glad you’re ok!

    “You are good, and what you do is good; teach me your decrees.” Psalm 119:68 I speak this psalm in nearly all my prayers.

  1. Cassidy McIntire Says:
  2. Brother,

    What a blessing it was for me to look for how you are doing via your site and find this….You are a Child of the King and no weapon formed against you shall prosper…it’s in the Word! I miss and Love you brother and look forward to the day we can share each others presence again! love and Peace and Grace to you and your Household!


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